Professional review of construction documents and pay applications . . .

  • Our Construction Risk Management (CRM) service provides value added to the Owner who receives the benefit of our experienced professionals reviewing the construction documents and monitoring construction execution.


Proactive involvement . . .

  • The borrower is getting proactive involvement that will help keep their project out of trouble. The cost of our CRM services is generally less expensive than a performance bond.


Additional Owner benefits from CRM . . .

  • Through our initial review of the contract documents, FAS can alert the Owner to inconsistencies and potential trouble areas prior to construction.
  • Through pay application review and site visits, FAS helps monitor how the Owner's borrowed funds are being applied to their project.
  • Can have access to the same project status reports as the Lender (with Lender approval).
  • Up to date releases of liens to confirm that everyone performing work on the project has been paid.



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