CRM™ is a fully integrated plan, specification and contract review, construction monitoring, and project accounting processing service used to assist construction lenders nationwide. Our proprietary service . . .
  • Frees lender staff from managing construction related activities
  • Helps protect first lien rights of lender
  • Provides proactive involvement for lower fees than a bond
  • Transfers lender overhead expenses to borrower
  • Provides paperless project files via the internet
With CRM™, FAS assumes primary responsibility for the management of progress payments, leaving more time for lenders to underwrite borrowers and write loans. Further, we pay the suppliers, sub-contractors, and general contractor directly, protecting your first lien rights.

CRM™ is a three-part proactive process including review of contract and design documents for adequacy in constructing the project, monthly construction site visits and photos, and project accounting with funds disbursement. All this for less than the cost of a bond. Further, our services are part of the borrower's transaction costs, removing this overhead from your bottom line.

As if that isn't enough, up to date project information is at your fingertips via our web-based reporting that effectively organizes and keeps your project files virtually paperless.
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