FAS is a leader in construction consulting and risk management. FAS was established in 1995 for the purpose of bringing financial integrity and proactive problem solving to the construction process. Since that time, FAS has been assisting owners, lenders and contractors with construction projects throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, Caribbean and South America. Some of the many benefits of utilizing FAS include:

  • Nationwide coverage in the United States, Mexico and Canada
  • Customer has a single point of contact at FAS
  • Standardized and timely reporting
  • Web based delivery system allowing for a central data repository
  • Experienced professionals in construction, engineering, real estate, accounting and information technology


FAS uses its expertise and experience to understand construction risks, foresee/anticipate problems and prevent them from ever occurring. Providing services for more then 500 projects each year, FAS has a tremendous database of project information and a wealth of construction knowledge ready to be used to assist you with your project.

Although our services are used throughout the U.S., if you are thinking of investing your money outside the United States, FAS has developed a specific set of risk management procedures for these somewhat riskier ventures. FAS has assisted many owners and lenders by working through the myriad of unexpected issues that can arise when you work in a different country. This works both ways because we also assist international companies that are building in the U.S., helping them understand the different procedures that exist in the U.S.

Don’t expect FAS to do things the same old way they’ve always been done. We are dedicated to changing the ways industries operate. FAS stands for Finding A Solution and we want to do that for you, starting today.



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