Outsourcing construction loan monitoring and accounting saves Lender's time and money . . .

  • FAS handles the vast majority of documentation review, accounting, and communication with the contractor so that loan officers have more time to underwrite and approve loans resulting in additional income.


Lender benefits from FAS Construction Risk Management services include . . .

  • Proactive project involvement for fees that are generally lower than the cost of a performance bond.
  • Up to date information from construction, architectural, and engineering professionals via our web-based reporting that will keep your project files virtually paperless.
  • FAS issues checks directly to parties supplying the goods and services thereby reducing the risk of liens and maintaining the first lien rights of the Lender.
  • FAS fields all calls from the contractor eliminating the need for Lender's personnel to be bothered with construction and payment related problems. This maximizes use of your human resources in your core business of making loans.



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